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I have come up with a blog to accommodate every Linux lover on what to expect, and the current occurrences on the world of Linux. I’m not biased hence I have also prepared some information to compare Linux with other key operating systems such as the Mac and the Windows operating system.

My main aim is to keep my esteemed clients who are Linux lovers like me updated about the trending issues regarding the Linux operating system. I can’t fail to recognize the significance of Linux in our lives. Linux is one of the pioneers of operating systems and has really helped in the development and distribution of related software such as the Ubuntu.

We use Linux on several occasions; in our business computers, personal computers, and computers found in our institutions. Therefore, there is a need to get acquainted with Linux.


My blog boasts high-quality contents that are up-to-the-minute and full of relevant information. Whether you are looking for a place to criticize or praise the Linux, my blog allows you the freedom to express your views on matters you are not are not comfortable with. I also have my proficient team that are will offer you support on everything you need.

My forum is active at all times of the day and night, 7 days a week, so you don’t have to worry about missing on important issues that need quicker intervention. My team values you so much and I would love to ensure you leave fully satisfied and longing for more. Check on my site whenever you wish to and surely you will stay happier.


To make sure you are getting the best of my blog, I have made available the latest information about any anticipated ideas and latest information to guide you on the ultimate decision to make. Actually, I don’t give a subjective opinion. My role is just to show you everything so that you come up with your final choice.

Be sure to check out on my article about the past, present and the future of Linux to really understand the long way the Linux operating system has gone through. This will inspire you a lot and give you a tinge of hope that there still better things to come.


If you are looking for the correct type of application to adopt, my blog got you covered. Be sure to read about the life changing applications under the development for Linux. As we all know, we operate in the world of applications and, therefore, there is a need to get acquainted with all types of powerful applications for a smooth and better operation.

Every user has their own reasons for choosing a particular software. My blog allows you to share your opinions about the type of applications you fancy most and why you prefer them to others.  This will help in encouraging other Linux users on what to look out for.


Our cooperation with the Austin Linux Group has been awesome. Thanks for bringing PerpsCaught.com to the Linux community worldwide. The videos were tricky to stream on Linux platforms, but it's the past. We are already 100% Linux compatible!

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Linux Existence

Linux operating system has been in existence for a longer period of time and this is a demonstration that it is the best. Otherwise, why then should the market tolerate faulty software? If Linux wasn’t up to the mark, then why would many people be running their computer on it?

The Leading Operating System

I believe the Linux is the leading operating system regarding flexibility. The ability to manipulate the user interface to suit your needs is just gratifying. You can use Linux to run a variety of application regardless of the source, be it Windows or Mac.

Another thing that I can’t wait to say about Linux is the ability to play games without hanging. Linux will install your favorite game and run it in the best and convenient way you will never be disappointed. That sounds magnificent, right?

Linux – Get Your Freedom

Do you know you have a different option?

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My Family Pies – Fanasy Porn Project

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My main aim is to keep my esteemed clients who are Linux lovers like me updated about the trending issues regarding the Linux operating system.

Join us in our campaign of making Linux the best choice to have.

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